Thanks. The soup is red pepper with ginger and fennel. I think the cream is just for finishing. Coconut milk was my idea for sub

  • Posted by: @ep3runs
  • December 30, 2010


cheekoli December 30, 2010
Of course there is soymilk, and other nut and grain milks; almond milk rice milk, etc. I agree with the above that you should try to choose a complimentary flavor profile. My favorite is coconut milk, i think its usable just about anywhere you would use milk/cream.

Remember that coconut milk also comes in various fat percentages, just like regular milk, so you could use coconut cream here for a richer taste and more body, probably the original intent of the cream. If you don't have coconut cream, you can always refrigerate a can of milk and skim the thick part from the top.

For a more neutral flavor profile, you can try adding some blended silken tofu, which is generally substitutable 1:1 for cream in dishes like this, or thin it out with one of the above mentioned milks.
Kayb December 30, 2010
Coconut milk will work, as would almond milk or soy milk. You may need to add a bit of cornstarch for thickening purposes.
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