Entering the current contest will 1.put the winning recipe in a new cookbook. 2. a new app. 3. just for fun. 4. no reason so far.

reason for latest contest

  • Posted by: dymnyno
  • February 1, 2012


Kristen M. February 1, 2012
Yes! You can scroll through the latest in our contest archives, which we recently brought back on the main Contests page: http://www.food52.com/contests/archives
Panfusine February 1, 2012
Are the wildcards still being picked?
Kristen M. February 1, 2012
For now, just for fun and lovely prizes from OXO. But the winners and runners-up from current contests (and Wildcards) are in prime position to be featured in future apps and books that we're working on.

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Panfusine February 1, 2012
5. Inspires to create new dishes..
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