How do I enter a recipe from my Food52 postings to the current contest? There is no clear path to accomplishing this!

I clicked on the hyperlink just under the photo for the contest - it says something like "enter a recipe already posted on Food52" - when I couldn't find a way to enter from that point, I then went to my recipe files, clicked on "Edit" and tried to submit it as if it were a new recipe - no luck that way, either. HELP!!



Rhonda35 March 7, 2013
Antonia - THANK YOU! I did the edit thing you described, but when the recipe didn't appear in the contest entries, I thought it hadn't worked. I haven't entered anything in a long time, clearly!
AntoniaJames March 7, 2013
Your spaghetti and fried eggs recipe is there in the contest now. Is that the one you were trying to enter? ;o)
AntoniaJames March 7, 2013
Also, I've found that sometimes it takes 10 or 15 minutes for edits and new uploads to register on the site. You may not see them right away in the contest file, but they'll appear later. ;o)
AntoniaJames March 7, 2013
Did you go to the bottom of the page when in the "Edit" mode (i.e., all ingredients boxes, instruction step boxes, etc. displayed), and see a box that says, "Submit my recipe to a Contest"? You should be able to click on the "v" (downward pointing arrow) on the right, and see "Your Best Cheap Feast" as the second item. Click on that, and then publish the recipe by clicking through, below. If that doesn't work, then there seem to be issues unique to you as a user (or some class of users to which you belong), as those functions are available to me as of the time I'm drafting this response. ;o)
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