Hi, I am new here. All the recipes in this site are contests? Or do people post recipes just to share to the community here?

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pierino May 9, 2014
I agree with Abbie here. But let me add one other thing; it's useful to have a backlog of recipes already submitted. You never know what the next contest might be and if you have some history behind you it's easy to submit something to the contest that you've already written if it fits the theme.
kotokoto E. May 13, 2014
Thank you pierino!
aargersi May 9, 2014
Hello and welcome to a GREAT food community! The answer is both, there are a lot of contest entries but also a lot of "just sharing" recipes - if you go to the recipes tab you can select "newest recipes" and see what folks are posting. pu can also sett up collections to save you favorite recipes and articles, and follow cooks if you want to see what one person in particular has been cooking. It's a great hangout, this Food52!!
kotokoto E. May 13, 2014
Thank you Abbie!
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