Removing fish odor from house

What is your best trick for removing the "fishy" smell from your house ?



pierino February 4, 2012
Remove fish from house. Cook over wood fire on a grill. E voila.
Homemadecornbread February 4, 2012
I fill a small dish or saucer with plain white vinegar and let it sit out on the counter in the kitchen or the smelly area for a few hours. It absorbs the odor. Then throw it away.

Sam1148 February 4, 2012
The best way is not to have 'fishy' smelling oil when cooking fish is not to cook fish with skin or in oils that heated to really high heat.

Canolia oil, when heated to high temps, all on it's own, will impart a fishy smell. Like a bad fish fry dinner. It does this even with french fries with no fish involved.
Fish with skin should be cooked quickly. Although, I leave off the skin as I don't like the fishy smell as a rule.
There are some exceptions. But the skin is usually the culprit here.

Chefs are (re) discovering 'wonder flour' and using that on fish skin and flesh side as a fine dusting---which give it a crisp without rendering lots of oil to burn and release overly fishy smells. Just a crisping fry and finish in the oven---with minimal for the initial frying.
inpatskitchen February 3, 2012
I agree with Mr_Vittles...clean up as quickly as possible. And you can boil some cinnamon and nutmeg in some water...that helps a lot!
softpunk February 4, 2012
Agreed. I add half an orange and/or lemon, and some cloves to a full pot along with a cinnamon stick and boil away.
Mr_Vittles February 3, 2012
Scrub the surface of everything that could have oil from cooking on it. Then leave the vent on for as long as possible. Opening windows during and after cooking can't hurt.
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