What types of fresh fish freeze best? How long can fish be kept in the freezer? @Food52 #hotline

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LeBec F. April 11, 2014
Except for jellyfish (disastrous high school science experiment) and soft shell crab (very filled w/ water, so gets mushy but ymmv)most seafood freezes fine. The speed with which it freezes solid is critical to the taste of the seafood when it is ultimately defrosted, so the faster the seafood gets to the freezing point, the better. I freeze hundreds of foods and usually find that my experience with 'how long' is much longer than is the 'official party line.' Nonetheless, with seafood, i agree with the experts that , at least for seafood that i freeze at home, some time around 6 months is the limit- for tasty results. Longer freezing results in muddy flavor and less firm texture. Others may say an even shorter period. And i would guess that cryovac flash frozen seafood may have a different freezer life span....
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