what is the best way to remove a zucchini bread from a loaf pan

Ellie Landau


creamtea June 28, 2020
Assuming you greased and floured the pan in advance (or, used parchment), let cool 10 minutes out of the oven. Have ready a cooling rack, preferably greased. With a sharp thin knife, cut around the perimeter of the bread to release sides from the loaf pan. Turn the cooling rack over the loaf, topside down. Holding the rack against the pan, turn the whole assemblage upside down and rap the rack-and pan assemblage on a table or countertop. Gently lift up the pan; if it hasn't released, rap it all again on the countertop until it releases. If you waited more than 10 minutes cooling time at the start of the procedure, it may not be possible to release it from the pan as it may already have "bonded" to the pan (unless parchment was used). In that case, serve it in slices from the pan.
Ellie L. June 28, 2020
Great instructions!! Thank you so much.
So my next question what is the best way to turn the loaf over so the top side is facing up? If you leave it top side down - it will have the marks from the cooling rack.
creamtea June 28, 2020
The best I've been able to do myself with my loaves (lemon teacake is what I often make, not zucchini bread) is to quickly yet carefully flip it by hand. You can use a slightly rolling motion. This is why it's best to pre-grease the cooling rack. You want to be careful that the top crust doesn't peel off onto the rack. Unfortunately it does often leave the imprint of the rack, for which I've not found an adequate solution, although I usually serve it the next day and it is perhaps less noticeable. Perhaps someone else has a good suggestion for that issue.
Ellie L. June 28, 2020
Thank you so much!
Ellie L. June 28, 2020
Parchment paper to put on the cooling rack? Except I don't think the bread will cool properly. Just a thought!!!
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