Am I the only one sick to death of all the Super Bowl inspired recipes floating around the past couple of weeks?

Enough already.



MTMitchell February 4, 2012
Ah, Tour de France! So many options... Coq au vin, crepes, pâté, cheese, bread, pistou, pomme frites... Lovelier than World Series fare, which I imagine as hot dogs 12 ways (celery seed, tomatoes, and banana peppers thanks), sausage and peppers, nachos and that gnarly cardboardy popcorn...
creamtea February 4, 2012
Well, after all, who is to say there aren't Superbowl or, for that matter, World Series parties where Coq au vin, crepes, pate, cheese, baguettes, pistou and pomme frites are served? :)

And what could be better than a juicy grilled sausage on an onion roll with a slather of mustard and a generous helping of good sour kraut?

last year I slipped out to dinner with a friend while my husband had our mutual friends over for the Superbowl. I think I'll stick around this year and try to figure out the game; I kind of started to get the hang of it during those last one or two exciting games. They weren't half bad.
Greenstuff February 4, 2012
What a funny thread! Glad it's all in good fun. Me, my specialty is Tour de France recipes--Soft Punk might REALLY get sick of me, as the Tour takes up most of the month of July. Go Pats.
MTMitchell February 4, 2012
I like super bowl food. No apologies for it, either. I don't eat it all the time, but sometimes a good chili or some great wings or nachos hit the spot. I like football -- mostly as background noise on Sunday while I make a "project meal" and mostly because it reminds me of home (my dad is a big football fan -- American football I mean). So tomorrow we'll be cheering on the Patriots (transplanted New Englanders) and eating duck confit (genius recipe version) with homemade pappardelle. Which may be less traditional than chili and wings...but probably not much healthier! And if someone started a "Stanley Cup recipes" thread I'd love that too! It's all in good fun. Go Pats!
kaupilimakoa February 4, 2012
agree. like Americans need another excuse to eat crappy, fat-laden food.
susan G. February 4, 2012
To my mind, the point is that the Super Bowl is primarily a marketing opportunity, culminating in 30 second spots on TV sold for an amount comparable to more than the annual income of most of the world's inhabitants. Magazines and newspapers have pages and pages to fill (tactile or virtual), so they pump it up to sell more copies or views and entice more advertising. Just another part of the "bread and circus" lifestyle of the world. (At least people at these games are -- usually -- not trampling, knifing and/or bashing others who get in their way, with large scale injuries and deaths.) More damage is probably done from the abject quality of the food, non-food, and drink served.
Panfusine February 4, 2012
If you can't beat em, Join em... enjoy the spirit of the superbowl atmosphere..
MaryMaryCulinary February 4, 2012
Yes! I haven't looked at any of the recipes as they all seem to be overloaded, over-the-top, more-is-more junk. I get tired of all the hoopla over just about any of the occasions mentioned by Sam1148. Oh, but revel in the cheese dips because Valentine's Day is coming! At least there will be cake...
Sam1148 February 4, 2012
I"m soooo happy we go to my Partner's family in NC for Thanksgiving. Otherwise it's just a pain for me.
(I will make the gravy there tho).
Niknud February 4, 2012
OK, I can't help it. I LOVELOVELOVE football. I usually go into mourning for several weeks after the Super Bowl because it's such a long long winter without my Sunday fix. It's something my husband and I do together - drink bloody marys and scream at the television. I know maybe it isn't the most popular thing amongst my friends here but I will stand up proudly and say that, although rugby, soccer and hockey hold spots in my mind, my heart belongs to football!
pierino February 4, 2012
I still can't figure out why it's called "football". In soccer the ball is picked up and thrown more often than it's actually kicked in the American game. And wardrobe malfunctions aside the Super Bowl is the most boring spectacle in American sport. The damn thing takes six hours to play. The only thing that takes longer is a cricket test match with tea breaks.
I wouldn't mind a Stanley Cup theme, like say "your best poutine".
And MarcusV, soccer is not a "lesser sport". Several million more people watch the World Cup than watch the Super Bowl.
softpunk February 4, 2012
I cannot agree more. American "football" is about as boring as a sport can be, and doesn't even compare to soccer, the real football. Hell, I would rather watch Canadian football because at least it's faster paced. Hockey is the fastest sport there is, and is played in so many countries at such a high level that it can hardly be considered a lesser sport, especially since poutine trumps coldcut-overloaded manwich any day.
MarcusV February 4, 2012
Several million more people eat Hamburger Helper than ossobuco every year. That doesn't make HH real food.
softpunk February 4, 2012
I have never seen a fat soccer player or a fat hockey player, so I'm going to go ahead and guess that NFL players would disagree and defend Hamburger Helper quite staunchly.
MarcusV February 4, 2012
It's called "football" because it's played with a football. Soccer is called "soccer" because it's played with a soccer ball.
Panfusine February 4, 2012
Even Cricket has a new T20 format that takes about as long as a Baseball game nowadays!
MarcusV February 4, 2012
I think people have such a visceral reaction to the Super Bowl because of the game itself. Offshoots like arena football and Canadian "football" just aren't going to cause the same amount of interest or have the same level of play as real football. It's kind of hard to understand if your country of origin plays soccer or lacrosse or one of the lesser sports.
If you want, I can post a really good seven-layer bean dip recipe that molds really well if you have a football mold. People love this with those scoop chips and you can stick little American flags in it.
MaryMaryCulinary February 4, 2012
Does sleeping count as a visceral reaction? Real football is soccer! American "football"? Snooze. All hype no action.
pierino February 4, 2012
MarcusV, with all respect, in the real world it's not called a "soccer ball". The term "soccer" comes from a rather eccentric English way of shortening long words into pithy little ones. It derives from "association football". But hey, that's the English for you. The rest of the world just calls it football for obvious reasons. In Italy it's "calcio" which means "kick'" and that's how the game is played; like with your feet. American football should be named "Helmet Ball" or something because it's boring as hell. Five seconds of action followed by 30 seconds of chat. And then another collision amongst manly men...Yawn.
pierino February 4, 2012
You know, the more I think about it having a Stanley Cup Theme isn't such a bad idea. Or even better a celebration of the Winter Classic where real NHL teams play a real game outdoors---the smartest thing the NHL has come up with in years. We should pitch this to editorial. Think about Bleu Line Burgers, Hossa Hot Dogs, 10 Minute Major Meatloaf and of course Poutine.

Oh, and Go Blackhawks!!!!
Sam1148 February 4, 2012
Just wait until 4th of July, Easter, Memorial day, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve...etc..etc.
softpunk February 4, 2012
It isn't a national holiday, it is a game. There aren't Stanley Cup recipes, or even World Series recipes... Even Canadians are posting Super Bowl crap. Why was there no Grey Cup love?
amysarah February 4, 2012
Well, it has often been said that football is a religion in America, so I guess that would make the Super Bowl like Christmas, Easter, Passover...(Just an observation; personally, football means nothing to me beyond boys in tight pants. But I kind of like the wings.)

LornaFarris February 4, 2012
Hmm... Wait about two days and you shouldn't have to worry about them anymore!
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