How do you make fresh pasta

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Greenstuff February 5, 2012
I'll go along with the basic two cups flour and two eggs--I think I could find that recipe written on the box I keep my machine in. I do strongly recommend a machine, as you'd have to have grown up with it to roll your own without one. And definitely a roller rather than an extruder. Then, the major hint is to roll, fold in thirds, roll again, a number of times before proceeding to the next level.

Getting a feel for pasta is easiest if you can make it with someone. YouTube is probably a good substitute.
pierino February 5, 2012
Extruders have their uses, but yes for amateurs the rollers and cutters are best. As Greenstuff noted you fold and roll. Eight times on the first setting and then once on each after that stopping before you get to the very last. The last setting (thinnest) is best for lasagne but for the cut pastas and filled pastas you need a little toothiness.
pierino February 4, 2012
Don't do an Emeril and let your "well" break. Basic formula is two cups flour and two eggs. Make your well of flour. In the center of the well add your eggs. Using a fork gradually work the eggs into the flour from the inside toward the outside. If your well breaks like Emeril's you'll have a mess on your hands and no TV crew to clean up for you. But this is easy because the dough will absorb as much flour as it wants and you'll be left with some. After that you hand knead it and then put it through your rollers. The Italians say that you begin with one "egg" of pasta---referring to the shape of the kneaded dough.

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MFargo February 4, 2012
I have used the pasta attachment for my kitchen aid mixer to make pasta, and it works quite well. The kit comes with a few recipes, and I found it to be really easy to use. The pasta tastes wonderful!
nutcakes February 4, 2012
There are quite a number of sites on the web with instructions. You need to decide if you are using a machine (and what kind) or not. If you run into a particular issue, You might want to discuss it here. But really this is more for kitchen emergencies and tips. I'd stick with reliable sources, Batali, Lebovitz, Oliver, Try this:
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