When is it time to have a copper pot relined?

I have a gorgeous French copper pot lined in tin. I'm seeing some copper showing in very fine scratches on the bottom. Isn't copper toxic? When should I think about having it re-tinned?



bigpan February 7, 2012
I have a couple tin lined copper pieces but only have them hanging on the wall for show. I suggest if you like cooking with copper, buy some high quality copper pieces that are lined with nickel or stainless steel. Costly yes, but mine are about 30 years old and still look brand new.
Remember that if you tin is scratched through to the copper, that means you have been getting tin in your food.
deanna1001 February 7, 2012
Thanks for weighing in! I love this pot and will have it retinned so I can continue to cook with it. And then hide it from house sitters who probably used metal utensils in it. I like the stainless lined pots I've seen, but in truth, copper is a lot of work and it must be kept polished to work effectively. One pot is enough for me! I too have some decorative copper hanging, but in a small apartment kitchen, most everything also needs to be practical.
deanna1001 February 7, 2012
And does anyone have a reco for where in NYC? Thanks!
wssmom February 7, 2012
Not in New York City but he does nice work.
deanna1001 February 7, 2012
Thanks wssmom! I did a google search and came up with these guys too. Nice to have the personal reco though.
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