Making mini pot pies tonight using a top and bottom crust. Should I precook the bottom crust?



leftoverquiche February 4, 2011
Thanks everyone. We did cook it like a 'apple pie' and it was perfect. We did think about sealing (or not being able to seal) the edges with a baked bottom. That was the aha moment!
Anitalectric February 3, 2011
I have never prebaked the bottom crust of a double crust pie. I am curious to ask the other cooks; how do you seal the edges if the bottom shell is already baked??

As long as the pastry is cold and the oven is hot, I can't see a problem with not prebaking.
mrslarkin February 3, 2011
sorry, this is probably too late. I don't prebake my bottom crusts. I usually start my pies at 425 for about 15 min, then reduce temp to 375 or so until done.
drbabs February 3, 2011
That's what I would do. I've made this one:
and just baked it like an apple pie.
leftoverquiche February 3, 2011
Would I cook it more like an apple pie? Just assemble and bake at 350 for 25min?
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