A question about a recipe: Bread - A Country Loaf

I have a question about step 5 on the recipe "Bread - A Country Loaf" from lapadia. It says:

"Uncover the loaf and turn the oven on to 375 degrees. Bake for 20 minutes. " does that mean you start the bread off in a cold oven?

  • Posted by: koechin
  • February 7, 2012
Bread - A Country Loaf
Recipe question for: Bread - A Country Loaf


lapadia February 7, 2012
Hi koechin!

YES! With this loaf I DO start baking in a cold oven. While the oven is preheating the loaf gets a little extra rise, it works beautifully. I don't do this with all my breads, hope you give it a try. Let me attach that same bread I made a couple weeks ago, using a large loaf pan. Read the head note for extra details:
Mr_Vittles February 7, 2012
A "cold" oven means to turn the heat off, or in this case no heat at all. And let it ride. Make sure to NOT open the oven door during this step.
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