Any good recipes for Mulagatani soup?

I've been challenged to make this soup. Help!



Andy December 12, 2013
right, this soup is always different. Try this one I've made this and tried some others, but I think this one is good.
Bevi February 8, 2012
Two mulligatawny soups of my past are Mollie Katzen's, and Jane Brody's. But I would be happy with pauljoseph's recipe - his food is delicious and authentic.
The S. February 8, 2012
I've never seen 2 mulligatawny recipes look the same. Here is one I made, that I loved but I have no idea if it is very traditional. I started with a recipe but it got left behind after I mistook my fennel seeds for cumin seeds!
susan G. February 8, 2012
pauljoseph is a food52 cook who lives in Kerala, south India. Here's his recipe --
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