idiot needs help!!!!!!!!

my husband went a little crazy in the meat department at whole foods and bought us a stuffed salmon roll. I have no clue how to cook it. any ideas? and if anyone has a good sauce for fish please let me know....was going to serve it with wild rice and green beans.



pierino February 8, 2012
A sorrel sauce is great with a dish like this (provided you can find fresh sorrel). Or per ChefJune, dill is a good salmon complimentary herb. Tarragon I think is a little too assertive. Fennel tops are excellent also if you can buy your fennel from a place that doesn't hack off the top.
pierino February 8, 2012
PS I'm glad your husband went nuts at Whole Foods. I own stock in the company and right now their earnings look pretty good.
ChefJune February 8, 2012
I've had that once. I think I'd make a light veloute for it. with a little fresh tarragon or dill and (dry, white)vermouth.
inpatskitchen February 8, 2012
I'd roast it at about 400F for 10 minutes per inch and probably serve with bernaise sauce. While roasting, baste it with a little melted butter mixed with white wine.
Mr_Vittles February 8, 2012
Roasting that high will cause the albumen to leak out.
iheartjuliachild February 8, 2012
its stuffed with lobster, shrimp, crab....
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