Can I cook both brown and wild rice together in a rice cooker?

I have a Wild Rice and Mushroom Stuffing recipe that I would like to use this year because we have a gluten-intolerant guest. The recipe calls for both cooked wild rice and cooked brown rice. Is it possible to cook both together in the rice cooker? I have a rice cooker that can be set for a delay, and it would be nice to have the stove cleared for other things. Has anyone cooked a mixture of brown and wild rice together? Are there any adjustments I'd need to make to ensure both are done properly?

Dea Henrich


Dea H. November 26, 2014
Thank you - I have an Aroma Logic cooker, so I think it will be good. I will do an overnight batch, and that should still give me time for a redo (or some more liquid and extra cook time). I know the cook times are the same, but the amounts of water differ by a 1/2 Cup per 2 Cups of rice. Thank you for your input. It was very helpful.
trampledbygeese November 26, 2014
Glad to help. Please let me know how it turns out.
Happy Holiday!
trampledbygeese November 26, 2014
Short answer, it depends on your rice cooker. Some rice cookers have fuzzy logic and can handle anything you toss in it (wanna cook white and wild rice together at the same time, bring it on), other rice cookers hate the idea of mixing different kinds of rice, they hate it with great passion.

Do you have time to do a test batch in your rice cooker to see how it copes with the task?

I don't cook a lot of wild rice myself, but my limited experience shows that it's easier to cook when it's been soaked. If I was to try it, I would soak and/or parboil the wild rice first, then put it in the rice cooker with the other ingredients.

Please let us know what you decide to do and how it turns out. Sounds like an exciting adventure and I'm eager to read what others have to say.
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