Is it safe to eat winter squash (butternut) raw? Like shaved in a salad? What about sweet potato?

  • Posted by: m1800
  • February 9, 2012


Anitalectric February 10, 2012
Raw sweet potato is one of my favorite things to put in salad! Check out my cooking video where I make a collard green & sweet potato caesar salad with miso ginger dressing:
SKK February 9, 2012
Yes you can and it is delicious. Here is a recipe from Bittman a great raw butternut squash salad with raisins and ginger

In the raw food world, which is also vegan, there is nothing that cannot be eaten raw. And raw is preferred because of health benefits. I consider myself a flexitarian and I have several raw food recipe books I use all the time.
bigpan February 9, 2012
Don't see why not. Good fiber too. Sweet potato julienned with a dip is tasty too.
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