For baked pasta dish that calls for pancetta and butternut squash, can sweet potato be subbed instead?

  • Posted by: Joanna
  • February 1, 2016


Maedl February 2, 2016
Without looking at the recipe, it might be better to use another tyoe of squash rather than sweet potatoes. I am assuming the recipe calls for some sort of pasta. The sweet potatoes would make the final dish much heavier than squash.
LeBec F. February 2, 2016
yes, sure, there's no reason it wouldn't work, but the flavor of the dish calls for winter squash- be it butternut or buttercup/kabocha or kyuri. I know sweet potatoes are very nutritious but they are alot heavier/denser than winter squash and better when combined w/ greens and not pasta, imo.
Windischgirl February 1, 2016
It will have a different (and sweeter) flavor, but if you like sweet potatoes, why not? Cooked Sweet potato also tends to be softer than squash--more likely to lose it's shape--but if that's not a problem for you, go for it! I have subbed one for the other when making Thanksgiving pies, and in tagines.
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