Baked sweet potatoes safe after cooling in oven overnight?

I did it again- baked sweet potatoes, turned off the oven when the were done, then left them in the oven overnight. I was making them for baby food. I have to throw them out, don't I?



ATG117 July 31, 2013
If it smells and tastes okay, I'd say that eating it is an acceptable risk.
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Cooked vegetables are considered a TCS food (time and temperature controlled for safety). After four hours of being in the "temperature danger zone" (41-135 F), all food should be thrown out or composted. You can't always tell if a food is contaminated by taste or smell. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to baby food!!!
beejay45 July 30, 2013
Just give them a good chill in the fridge. I do this one, too.
Monita July 30, 2013
They should be ok but smell and taste them. If they pass your own senses' test they will be fine
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