New Orleans cooking classes & restaurant options?

Hi everyone - Does anyone have any cooking class recommendations for the New Orleans area? Also, any good restaurants that are off the beaten path? Thank you!

Helen's All Night Diner


drbabs February 18, 2012
Hmmm, I'll have to ask my sister about Mosca's.
pierino February 17, 2012
Dr. B I'm hoping I'm wrong on this one but I recall reading someplace, New York Times I think, that Mosca's was either closed or closing. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong. But for first time visitors to NOLA it's kind of out there driving wise in relation to the city if you don't know "where y'at".
drbabs February 17, 2012
pierino, Mosca's isn't closed.
Are you thinking of Ueglitsch's? (Now that was a cool place!)

And, helen, here's an article from this weekend's NY Times:
pierino February 13, 2012
Unfortunately Mosca's is now closed. But Gallatoire is still open even though they've relaxed the dress code. It's the only reason to visit Bourbon Street. Don't expect to find anything "blackened" on the menu---it's old school creole. For something just casual you can try The Napolean House on Chartres. Great spot to watch life's rich pageant file past.
Brette W. February 13, 2012
I was just there and had the BEST time. Some restaurant recommendations:
Cochon (or, if you want a more casual atmosphere, you can eat at the butcher next door. the butcher doesn't take reservations, though)
Casamento's - GREAT oysters, rickety-chairs sort of place, a must
Brigstens - fantastic classic new orleans food in what used to be someone's actual house. another must
If you're going to do a fancier meal at any point, I'd recommend Stella.
em-i-lis February 11, 2012
and how can i forget!!! you must try the doberge (pron: dobosh) cake at gambino's bakery on veteran's memorial blvd. i like the chocolate much better than the lemon. gambino's opened more than 60 yrs ago and when they reopened after katrina, it felt like NO might be OK. :)
em-i-lis February 10, 2012
I grew up in Louisiana and go back as often as I can. Martinique is absolutely wonderful- terrific food and ambience. Ditto La Petite Grocery. Casamento's is a great NOLA institution. Mosca's and Mandina's are considered true locals' spots! Have fun!!!
Helen's A. February 10, 2012
Thanks drdabs & ChefJune! These are great suggestions. I can't wait to start packing my bags!
ChefJune February 10, 2012
Here's a list of cooking schools in New Orleans you might want to check out:

My favorite restaurant in New Orleans flys under the radar most of the time. Dooky Chase is a 0-year-old institution in NOLA. It's still run by the Queen of Creole, Ms. Leah Chase, although her grandsons are cooking and running the front of the house now. The food is superb and the ambiance is so warm and wonderful. My favorites are Grillades and Grits and Shrimp Clemenceau. Here's a link to details.

And you should take a cab to get there.
drbabs February 10, 2012
Hi Helen. Here's an article for you:

As for restaurants, my brother used to manage Ralph's on the Park, near City Park. We loved it.

Gwyneth Patrow's blog Goop had a great overview of things to do in new Orleans that are off the beaten path. Here's the link:

And Food52's Rivka has a blog Not Derby Pie. She recently went to New Orleans, and described her experiences here:

Have fun!
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