One Day Cooking Class in New York

My book group wants to spend a day in the city taking a cooking class. Does anyone know of any in New York? We'd like a class that ends in having dinner together.

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • January 31, 2012


spuntino February 4, 2012
I'll recommend the brooklyn kitchen -
susan G. February 1, 2012
Have you seen this? --
drbabs February 1, 2012
Thanks, susan!
drbabs February 1, 2012
Thanks for all these great suggestions! xo
happycao February 4, 2012
Oh and Dr. Babs, when I say Welcome, haha I meant Welcome to my hood! HOpe you had fun!
happycao February 1, 2012
Oh and also WELCOME Dr. Babs!
Devangi R. January 31, 2012
The Natural Gourmet Institute.
vvvanessa January 31, 2012
Haven's Kitchen in Manhattan:

And in Brooklyn:
happycao February 1, 2012
I've recently been to Haven's Kitchen, the space is so homey and the people are genuinely nice and down to earth, makes me feel right at home! Highly recommended
Cristina S. January 31, 2012
You can choose between many at The Institute of Culinary Education. Here is the recreational cooking class homepage:

Use the tabs at the top to navigate: "Cooking," "Baking," "Wine," etc.
Stephanie B. February 5, 2012
ICE also does hands-on cooking parties if you want to do something dedicated to your group.
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