How long to roast 700g pork belly?

I have a 700g pork belly which I would like to roast slowly as per the recipe below. However, the recipe is for a 1.5kg piece of belly so how would you adjust the times for my 700g piece?

  • Posted by: Kevie192
  • February 10, 2012
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1 Comment

bigpan February 10, 2012
Not really an answer, but I cut the belly into individual servings (appetizer) about 3" x 3" x 1" thick. I put in a slow-and-low oven (225F) for about 4 hours. I then broil the top for some crunch and eye appeal. As an appetizer I serve it on a bed (about 2 T) of creamed corn. Yes! That is the way I had it in Napa Valley at a famous restaurant (whose name inane momentarily forgot) located across the street from The French Laundry.
I only serve appetizer sizes due to the fat content and not to upset my cardiologist.
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