How long will a rolled pork belly porchetta last? How should I store it? I can't eat al of this by myself, but I do not want to let it go to waste.

James Durazzo


James D. November 5, 2013
Thank your for input, the good news is that I've stuffed myself to the point where leftovers will not be a problem.
vvvanessa November 5, 2013
I would treat porchetta the way I'd treat a ham and eat it within a few days. And the idea of slicing and freezing it works, too. Browning it a bit in the oven or in a frying pan once it is thawed is a good way to go.
pierino November 5, 2013
Porchetta, for what it's worth, is rarely made from pork belly. That in itself is a problem. It doesn't mean it's not good but it just complicates the answer.
Valentina S. November 5, 2013 much porchetta do you exactly have? Is it a whole roll? Or is it sliced?
Porchetta is one of those things that are usually bought and consumed straight away. Unfortunately, porchetta will only hold its true aroma for a few hours.

Your best bet could be to slice it up and freeze it, then thaw it at room temperature when you want to consume it. Never heat it up or unthaw it in the microwave, the fat will probably turn into something horrible. If you have any crispy skin, you can crisp it back up (kind of) in the oven,I guess.

Maybe you should just host a porchetta party within a couple of days! :D
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