Shrimp Allergy Question

I'm making one of the cook-off chili recipes that calls for powdered Ancho chili powder and powdered Pasillo chili powder. I finally found them both at a local Mexican grocery store. I just went to start the recipe and noticed on the back of each package it notes that the chilis were processed in a plant that also processes dry shrimp. We are serving this tonight to some friends who are allergic to shrimp. I plan on making sure they know the story, but does anyone know if these spices could cause a food allergy reaction?

  • Posted by: Susige
  • February 11, 2012


skittle February 12, 2012
They can indeed cause an allergic reaction. My ex boyfriend was severely allergic to shellfish. We went to a restaurant and he sat next to my father. My dad ordered an oyster dish...the way the dish was served was that hot oil was poured over the raw oysters to cook them. As the server was pouring the oil on the oysters, he started coughing and we ended up having to taking him to the ER because the fumes actually gave him a reaction. Now he had an extremely severe allergy....and not everyone's is so bad-but please be sure to disclose so your guests are aware!
vvvanessa February 11, 2012
The concentration of potential allergen is likely to be minute if it is even existent, but if your guests are severely allergic, yes, the spices could cause an allergic reaction. I would ask your friends their level of comfort with the information. As someone with food allergies, I always appreciate knowing what I can about a product before I decide how risky it is to eat.
wssmom February 11, 2012
It depends on the severity of their allergies and if the chiles were processed on the same machinery as the dry shrimp. Some people are only mildly allergic and get sniffles and hives if they eat shellfish, others are severely allergic and are at risk for anaphylaxis if they ingest shellfish. My son has a peanut allergy (which tends to be quite severe) and carries an Epipen with him in case of accidental exposure to peanuts, even through cross-contamination.
jmburns February 11, 2012
This is tough one. I have judged many chili cook offs. And never seen anyone have reaction to a shellfish / shrimp allergic reaction. But that does not mean we used that brand of chili powder. I would err on the side of caution here. Most cooks in. Our area use www.mild For their chili powders.
jmburns February 11, 2012
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