How to treat white chocolate

I made a pudding yesterday w/egg yolks, milk, white chocolate. I pre melted the white chocolate. Scalded the milk mixture, added eggs to the latter. Combined w/the white chocolate & re-heated to thicken eggs. It tastes "off". Did I scorch it? It doesn't taste burnt, just not right. And it didn't set up--a little too fluid. Should I have used cornstarch + egg yolks?? Should I have heated the white chocolate differently? Thanks.

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • February 14, 2012


creamtea February 14, 2012
I was basing it on a Joy of Cooking recipe for pots-de-creme and a Gourmet recipe for white-chocolate mousse. In the first, you melt grated sweet chocolate with the milk, stirring,temper egg yolks with this mixture, then add them to the mixture, place over a double boiler and stir to thicken for pots de creme. I worried that the white chocolate wouldn't melt & blend into the milk mixture, so I melted it separately.The second, Gourmet recipe has you make a pastry cream, chill it, then whisk it into melted & cooled white chocolate. --I melted the white chocolate over a double boiler, set it aside, heated milk & cream, cooled them slightly then combined w/the white chocolate, returned to the d.b. with flavoring to thicken with only egg yolks--I think that re-heating it was the error. I probably should have followed the Gourmet technique, made a pastry cream and added the white chocolate later
Miranda R. February 14, 2012
A few questions would help me answer this a little better - what recipe were you following? the steps sound a little strange to me, so I'd love to know the exact recipe. What exactly tasted off about it? It is very easy to over-melt chocolate, depending on the technique you used and how closely you watched it while it melted - which method did you use?
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