How do you store garlic in the kitchen, particularly over Winter when homes are warmer. My garlic runs soft and loses its taste quickly.



sarah K. February 18, 2012
I don't know if this will help you, but I've recently started to streamline my weekly cooking. One of the things I used to do every single day is chop garlic, so I figured I should just save some time by doing it once a week. I get 2 or 3 heads of garlic, peel all the cloves (the 2-bowl method works well enough), chop the whole lot, then put them into a small, wide-mouth jar, then cover with olive oil. When I need garlic, I scoop out about 1 teaspoon for each clove required. I only buy enough garlic for the week, so it won't help if you're trying to store a large amount, but it sure is nice to have pre-chopped garlic that's not yucky like the store bought stuff.
mainecook61 February 18, 2012
SKK, those garlic shoots get my fingers itching to get seedlings going under the grow-lights. But it's really too soon, even though we're having an unusually snow-less and warm winter here.
SKK February 18, 2012
Mainecook61, beautifully written!
mainecook61 February 18, 2012
Just a cautionary word: no amount of correct storage (dark, cool, dry) will save garlic, a bulb, whose internal clock eventually tells it: "Time to grow!" It's impossible to know (unless you're buying from a local grower) when garlic was harvested. The garlic I harvested last August and stored in a covered box (inside a closed cupboard!) in a cold pantry "knows" that spring is coming, despite the lack of light. I can see little green shoots when I cut it open. I don't bother to cut out the shoots; I don't find them to be bitter.
SKK February 16, 2012
Always start with the best garlic knowing where it comes from and that it is fresh. A friend gave me a tera cotta garlic keep 30 years ago. (Don't read anything into this about my age - I could have been 6) This keep has worked wherever I find myself, at whatever altitude and whatever climate. Always keep it in the refrigerator. That gives dark, cool. And if the garlic is good to begin with this really works. I am attaching a picture. It looks like an unglazed version of what Mr_Vittles sent as a link.
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SKK February 16, 2012
The wholes are on the back also, not just the front.
nutty N. February 17, 2012
Thank you for all your replies. I'll will seek out some real estate in the fridge and see how it works out! Happy Cooking chefs !
MFargo February 16, 2012
There are several types of garlic keepers on the market, and most are equally good. I personally like my vampire garlic keeper. ;). As long as it shields the garlic from light and has air holes to allow air to circulate, you are good. It is important to keep the garlic in a cool dry place. Therefore, above the stove is not a good place as the hot air from the kitchen rises. I keep mine in the pantry, and that seems to help.
Mr_Vittles February 16, 2012
Garlic Keeper is your answer! This guy hand makes them and I can attest to their high quality.
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