Old garlic vs Young garlic

What's the difference between these 2?

Is this true that old garlic does get sharper and spicier.

Does old garlic taste bitter sometimes because of the sprout ?

  • Posted by: Yal
  • November 7, 2016


Smaug November 7, 2016
Garlic should be aged a bit (before you buy it) to mellow a bit and make it possible to peel, but if it's not still pretty moist, it's lost most of it's flavor- old rubbery cloves have little left. If it's been around long enough to sprout, best to plant it.
Smaug November 7, 2016
Cut garlic will tend to get somewhat rank if not used quickly.
PHIL November 7, 2016
I have used it without an noticeable change of taste, if anything I thing it loses some flavor. It also depends how old it is. a little soft is okay but if it is shriveled or browning I would discard it. Garlic is cheap so why not start with fresh cloves.
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