Gooey Rice Cake (Sweet Snack)--origin, name, recipe if it's out there

years ago, my college professor brought us a snack he and his wife made (something traditional to her family, but can't pinpoint where she was from besides a place that celebrates and cooks rice in all forms). He called it "Gooey Rice Cakes" and it was nothing like the low-calorie crunchy snacks you get in a store. It was very dense, chewy, but apparently made with some sort of rice because that's what he said. Any ideas out there about the origin, real name, or a recipe? when a craving strikes...sometimes you gotta follow it....THANKS



happycao February 18, 2012
It is most likely mochi, but in China/HK we call them rice cakes, they are hard before cooking and softened when heated. It is often stir fried in Shanghainese dishes and fried for new years (sweetened rice cakes).
I'd love to know how to make it by pounding rice @MaryMaryCulinary, sounds interesting!
MaryMaryCulinary February 17, 2012
Could it be mochi? You can find lots of recipes making it from sweet rice flour online, but the best mochi is made from pounded rice. I've been meaning to make a batch myself.
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