How to store cooked rice.

I have some left over steamed rice in my rice cooker and I am wondering how best to sore it. Usually I just pop it in the fridge and then use it for fried rice later, but this time I would like to serve it again tomorrow as an accompaniment of just plain rice. I find rice that has been refrigerated gets a bit crunchy do what should I do.



Melusine March 9, 2012
I believe an earlier post on left-over rice discussed the problem with left-over rice -- there's a potential problem with a bacteria that can develop on left-over rice, especially if it's left on the counter. If you do keep it -- use ziploc bags, press out the air, and store in the freezer.
Traci206 March 7, 2012
Asians leave the rice in the cooker overnite on the counter. Perfect fried rice on day 2. To heat on its own, put in a bowl with a sprinkle of water, cover w Saran and nuke for 2 minutes.
BoulderGalinTokyo March 7, 2012
Whole Foods' above Zip-loc is fine. If you want to prevent the 'crispy' effect, add 1/4 teaspoon of water for each cup you are saving.
But for serving a guest, follow susan g's steaming OR cook rice from zero again.
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I store the left-over rice in a zip-lock freezer bag in the fridge, and then reheat it in the microwave in a pyrex covered corningware casserole ( if i'm feeling responsible) . It reheats perfectly right in the ziplock bag, but it's probably not healthy to do that on a regular basis.
Sam1148 March 6, 2012
With a rice cooker, I just store it in the pot insert in the 'fridge.
To re-heat, just a bit of more water and another cycle on the rice cooker. Which works better on the one button models than the fuzzy logic expensive rice cookers.

Just check it after the water steams and interrupt the rice cooker cycle if needed once it's re-hydrated and warm.
susan G. March 6, 2012
I reheat rice and have never found that it is dry, but if you want to hedge your bets, let it steam to reheat, in a steamer pot (on the stove) over boiling water. A steamer can be a sieve set in a pot, even something like tuna can rings with a bowl on top, with the pot covered while the rice heats up. I have what looks like a double boiler with holes in the insert to let the steam through.
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