Brown rice and ??

I like to cook brown rice and asparagus and keep it in the fridge.
It is great just to heat up and snack on it.

My family is tired of asparagus. Any ideas what else I can mix with it?

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Dea H. May 27, 2012
I make a cold brown rice salad that we like to eat throughout the week. Grate two carrots. Finely dice two celery stalks and two bell peppers. Chop a bunch of scallions. Add one pound of blanched peas (or use a bag of frozen, thawed). Add 1 pound of brown rice that has been cooked and rinsed. Dress with 2/3 C oyster sauce, 1/4 C Thai sweet chili sauce, 3 T light soy sauce, and a splash of sherry or rice wine vinegar. I call this Unfried Rice Salad. Sometimes, I will chop a hard-boiled egg over the top for a complete lunch.
healthierkitchen May 27, 2012
I make Chinese style fried rice with leftover brown rice all the time. I also like to do salads like petitbleu mentioned and add a little feta.
petitbleu May 26, 2012
What can't you mix it with? Brown rice is the perfect base for what I like to call the weeknight rice bowl. We eat it with whatever veggies we find at market--greens, peas, root veggies, bok choi...We top it with hard cooked egg, sesame or pumpkin seeds, and a light vinaigrette. I don't see why this concept can't translate into snacking--the peas are especially nice, but sautéed greens and roasted veggies are great, too.
babytiger May 27, 2012
Roasted veggies would be great. Some other ideas: mushroom, zucchini, tomato, caramelized onion, green beans, sugar snap or sweet peas.
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