Anyone tried the Orgreenic pans (allegedly non stick, non teflon) made of ceramic? Are their claims correct?

Looking to buy a large pan to make paella and sauces. Just wonder if all the hoopla is true.



JJ S. June 25, 2013
maybe you people dont know how to use these pans if food sticks? mine works great and you have to season the pan as per the instructions when you get it. and you need to reseason it after a long period. so far ive had mine for 6 months or so and nothing sticks. no scratches either
Colin T. January 8, 2013
Its a total scam, the Orgreenic Frying Pan does not work as described on the TV commercial. I cooked an egg and it stuck to the bottom, even when it had olive oil in the pan. DO NOT BUY.
jonathan C. May 20, 2012
I recently bought one. I bought it in march. I believed the ads so I threw the package and receipt away. Now my pan is scratch and food sticks. I need to find how to get a new one with the promised lifetime warranty.
mainecook61 February 17, 2012
I recently tested a set of Earth Pans---same "green" composition, I believe. (I can't remember the names of the "bad" nonstick chemicals, but these pans didn't have them.) So far, they are quite good. Cooks Illus. ran a testing of so-called green nonstick pans in 2009---they really banged them up and concluded that while some pans were better than others, all of them began to show signs of scratching, peeling, etc. over time. I did note that Earth Pans are made in China; same for the Orgreenics? For the most part, I stick to my trusty cast iron pans for nonstick purposes.
Panfusine February 17, 2012
First time I'm hearing this name.. VERY interested in knowing more please..
Genius R. February 17, 2012
I got one recently as a gift from my parents, who love them, and I've used it a few times. So far so good -- no sticking, no scratching -- but I'd love to hear from other people who've had them longer, too.
Kristen M. February 17, 2012
Oops, this was actually from me -- I was still signed in as Genius Recipes from uploading today's post. "Genius Recipes" doesn't have parents who give it green pans, but I do.
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