I have some huge Monkfish fillets in the freezer. I want to cook one tomorrow for dinner but it's always a pain to get the membrane off them. Any tips/tricks for prep work. Or any great Monkfish recipes. Was thinking about roasting it at about 400 degrees with white wine and butter until just begins to flake.

  • Posted by: CaryNC
  • February 17, 2012


pierino February 20, 2012
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CaryNC February 20, 2012
Going to try Monkfish medallions pan fried in butter with some pasta with capers and maybe some artichoke hearts. Any leftover portions of uncooked fish will go into a fish chowder. Wish me luck :-)
pierino February 17, 2012
You can cut it into serving sized pieces and cook en papilotte (individual parchment packets with herbs) or,easy, slice it into scallops and sear in brown butter. It's a fairly sturdy fish so you can use it in "stews" like cioppino or bouillabaise.
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I really enjoy monkfish as well, sometimes I wrap it in proschuitto!
It is VERY important to let it rest after cooking for at least 5 minutes, that way the juices evenly distribute through out the Fish and not all over the cutting board, leaving you with dry fish. I usually always serve it with a puree of some sort. Cauliflower and Roasted Garlic Puree, or Spicy Carrot Puree, the options are limitless. That way the puree doubles as a Veggie and sauce, adds great flavor to the fish and makes for a beautiful plate presentation!
bigpan February 17, 2012
You should be able to pull the membrane off when the fish is 1/2 thawed and the meat still a bit frozen hard. Start with a sharp knife then pull. If that is not working for you, turn the fish upside down (membrane on cutting board) and slide a sharp carving knife along it in a sawing motion.
Good idea to use high heat for a quick bake that will leave it soft, flaky, and "wet".
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