risotto pairing

cooking dinner for my love friday and have opted for risotto (something im very comfortable with). though itll be cooked with white wine and parmigiano reggiano i am serving with a red wine so want to cook a red meat. was thinking of beef medallions with mushrooms. if anyone had any suggestions, either of recipes or other meats that'd be great! thank you.

  • Posted by: natasha
  • August 15, 2017


PieceOfLayerCake August 15, 2017
I think I've suggested this a dozen times on the hotline, but its so luxurious I can't help but think of it first: low and slow braised short ribs that are made ahead (ideally a day), then at the last minute seared off on the grill or in a hot pan and enrobed in a sauce made from reducing the braising liquid. There are steps that I follow, but I won't draw them here unless you find yourself interested.

They go so well with things that are creamy like risotto, polenta, root vegetable purees....I then usually put something bright and acidic with it like a homemade giardinera or pickled veg.
Nancy August 15, 2017
Maybe post your short-ribs cooking sequence as a recipe :)
natasha August 16, 2017
would love to hear more! thank you
Emily |. August 15, 2017
For the summer months (and this is a slightly lighter dish but I think it works alongside a heartier side like risotto), I like to marinate a London Broil steak (balsamic, rosemary, smashed garlic cloves, thyme, touch of Worchestershire and bit of oil), salt and pepper it and grill it medium rare. You could also do flank or hangar steak. Serve sliced thin over an arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette, big shaves of parmesan, and perhaps some toasted nuts like walnuts.

If it is a meat you want to serve actually on the risotto, I have done a grilled steak similar to above and served it atop a simple parmesan and parsley risotto also topped with grilled vegetables (whole rings of red onion, multicolored bell peppers, zucchini, fennel). The recipe I used for that came from a Valentina Harris cookbook called 100 Great Risottos.

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My F. August 15, 2017
It's unclear if you already have a specific bottle of wine in mind, if not I love the pairing of Aglianico or an Italian Pinot Noir with risotto and pesto crusted salmon (or chicken if you don't have access to a good fish counter).
PHIL August 15, 2017
I agree with Nancy, just about any cut of meat will do. I'm thinking lamb chops with Dijon mustard sauce or possibly beef tenderloin. I think you need some greens too, a nice vinegary salad to contrast with the richness of the risotto and meat. Enjoy!
Nancy August 15, 2017
Phil, I was also thinking lamp chops...another tasty cut good for summer...
Nancy August 15, 2017
First choice - any cut of meat you both like.
Second choice - I'm reminded of osso buco, which traditionally is eaten with risotta, but more in cold months and the dishes seem heavy for summer.
For warm weather dining, perhaps a veal piccata or breaded veal scaloppini, served with a light red wine or rose.
pierino August 15, 2017
Veal would be my first choice as well. Osso Bucco Milanese calls for saffron in the risotto. But sage leaves are quite good also. If you aren't wedded to red wine fresh scallops are wonderful also

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