Anyone have some good tips on making homemade ravioli? I tried making some for the first time recently but they turned out very mushy.

Should I let the ravioli dry overnight before cooking them? I also had air pockets in them.

  • Posted by: Jdtirado
  • February 17, 2012


Tybee T. February 17, 2012
I agree with Gary.. Wonton wrappers are the easiest way to make ravioli. My husband uses a similar recipe with spinach and bakes the ravioli. It is perfect!
GIOVANNI50 February 17, 2012
Letting dry is ok in fact lets the pasta acquire some taste from filling
Sam1148 February 17, 2012
What type of flour are you using?

I prefer a fine ground semolina flour for homemade pasta. It makes a very sturdy pasta.
An all-purpose flour,especially if you in the south where they mill the AP flour much softer for making biscuits and cakes, can be delicate and too soft for a study pasta. Great for dumpling tho.
Sam1148 February 17, 2012
Oh...BTW: you can mix semolina from Publix with AP flour...or better yet a middle eastern, or greek specialty market will have it in bulk for much cheaper. (just clicked and your location and see your from VA, so, I'm thinking it's the flour that's the culprit there).
gary12401 February 17, 2012
I have been making them with wonton wrappers, they turned out very good. I made a spinach am mushroom filling and sealed them with a wet finger and pressed the air out as I went around.
Jdtirado February 17, 2012
Thanks for all your replies. I will try to make this again!
pierino February 17, 2012
If you are working with hand made pasta dough roll it out to the second to last setting---reserve the last one for lasagne. Seal with just your finger dipped in a bowl of water. Don't over stuff or you'll get blow outs. And don't overcook. They are done when they float to the top of the boiling water. Drain and continue your recipe from there.
Iron C. February 17, 2012
The mushy sounds like an issue with your dough possibly being too wet or even too thin which lead to it being overcooked. I have never had to dry the ravioli before cooking them, pretty much putting them together and putting them right in the water should work. The air pockets are easy - before you seal them completely, leave one side open and gently run your finger around the filling at the base and then seal. This should remove most of the air and prevent them from blowing up during the cooking process. Just be careful not to tare the pasta in the process.
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