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What exactly does homemade mean? For example, if I buy a "decadent" carrot cake mix, add my own eggs, oil, mix and bake, it is homemade?

If I add my own homemade cream-cheese frosting "made from scratch" does that make it homemade? If I make soup or chili using canned beans, it still still considered homemade? I had some feedback tonight on Facebook that anything using so-called "convenience foods" was no longer considered homemade..... Cornbread mixes when you add sugar and cheese? No longer homemade? I would love some feedback as to what fellow home cooks consider as homemade and no-longer homemade. Thanks!

asked by Susige about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

Homemade means made at home not in an industrial setting...you might be wondering more about made from "scratch"?

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added about 5 years ago

My feedback has been that anything made from a "mix" or from a "canned product" isn't considered as homemade or "made from scratch." Is that correct?

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added about 5 years ago

Some people think if you don;t grind your own flour it's not homemade. Other people think if your pour canned cheese soup over a pork chop, that's homemade. My feeling is, if you prepare something with ingredients that can't be broken down any more -- e.g. flour, sugar, butter, milk, nuts, etc. -- and not from a mix, that's made from scratch. On the other hand, do labels really matter that much?