What exactly does homemade mean? For example, if I buy a "decadent" carrot cake mix, add my own eggs, oil, mix and bake, it is homemade?

If I add my own homemade cream-cheese frosting "made from scratch" does that make it homemade? If I make soup or chili using canned beans, it still still considered homemade? I had some feedback tonight on Facebook that anything using so-called "convenience foods" was no longer considered homemade..... Cornbread mixes when you add sugar and cheese? No longer homemade? I would love some feedback as to what fellow home cooks consider as homemade and no-longer homemade. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Susige
  • October 30, 2011


wssmom October 30, 2011
Some people think if you don;t grind your own flour it's not homemade. Other people think if your pour canned cheese soup over a pork chop, that's homemade. My feeling is, if you prepare something with ingredients that can't be broken down any more -- e.g. flour, sugar, butter, milk, nuts, etc. -- and not from a mix, that's made from scratch. On the other hand, do labels really matter that much?
Susige October 30, 2011
My feedback has been that anything made from a "mix" or from a "canned product" isn't considered as homemade or "made from scratch." Is that correct?
gt9 October 30, 2011
Homemade means made at home not in an industrial setting...you might be wondering more about made from "scratch"?
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