How do you freeze/store homemade ravioli?

I am making fresh ravioli and would like to store it for a week. Should I dry them first or place them immediately in the freezer? Do they need to be frozen in a single layer or can I freeze in layers (with parchment in between)? I don't have a ton of freezer space but I don't want them to stick together or break. Thanks for any help.

  • Posted by: PippaG
  • May 15, 2011


kelly May 17, 2016
How long can you keep ravioli in the freezer?
ChefDaddy May 16, 2011
It only takes about fifteen minutes to freeze ravioli to an individually quick frozen state. My point is that I would not stack them to avoid damage. At home I IQF ravioli on a sheet pan in the freezer and then put them in a zip lock back and I can pull from them anytime and however many I need. I hope this helps!

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PippaG May 15, 2011
I am going to go with freezing in one layer and then layering them up and wrapping once frozen, since I made about 80 ravioli (which will be more than 2 layers for sure). Pic of my asparagus/ricotta/parmigiano-reggiano ravioli. Thanks for the great advice to keep them perfect.
Ordinary B. May 15, 2011
Pippa, I have had the best success freezing them first in one layer (on a large baking sheet or jelly roll pan), and then - when they are nicely frozen - I layer them up in a smaller pan with parchment or saran wrap between. If I skip that step they do sometimes get a big 'smooshed.'
Amanda H. May 15, 2011
Thanks for the follow-up Pippa -- yes, air drying for 30 minutes before freezing sounds like a good idea. And to avoid squishing, maybe do just 2 layers. With 3 layers the bottom one is likely to get flattened.
PippaG May 15, 2011
I just wondered whether I should air dry (as I usually do with fresh tagliatelle) for about a half hour before freezing. When I have stacked ravioli the bottom layer often gets squashed, but I think this is because I refrigerated them instead of freezing. Thanks for the quick and helpful responses!
Ordinary B. May 15, 2011
I freeze my homemade ravioli all the time - in fact, pretty much every time I make ravioli. Right after I shape them, I put them in a large pan - layered with either parchment or saran wrap in between. When it comes time to cook them, I just cook them frozen. They just need an extra minute or two to get done.
Amanda H. May 15, 2011
Place them in layers with parchment in between and then cover the dish or container with plastic wrap to protect them from air and freezer burn. Not sure what you mean when you ask "Should I dry them first..." -- I'd freeze them after shaping the ravioli and pressing them closed (before cooking).
LucyS May 15, 2011
I think the strategy is to let them dry for about an hour or so, then freeze. To prevent sticking, I would freeze in layers with parchment paper in between, I don't think a single layer is necessary. Also probably lightly flour the ravioli on both sides so the parchment doesn't stick (most of the pre-frozen pasta I've bought is floury). I hope this is helpful!
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