What are some easy and cheap crock pot or casserole meals?

Crock pot and casserole

  • Posted by: Bek
  • February 18, 2012


pema21 February 21, 2012
Lentil Soup; 2 cups lentils, 1-1 1/2 cups browner diced ham, 1 bay leaf, 2ribs celery, chopped. 1/2 cup diced carrots, 1 Clove of garlic minced, salt and pepper to taste.

Combine all ingredients with 2 quarts of water in crock pot, cover and cook on low, 8-10 hours. (you can put over rice if you like or for left overs.

Also, Split pea soup is a great croc pot recipe, just add some ham hocks and broth if you want. There are a few recipes on line. Just do a search and pick the one that suits your needs.
GIOVANNI50 February 21, 2012
pema21: Won't the lentils be mush after 8 hours in the croc?

A simple tasty croc recipe I have involves latin roots like yuca, boniato, calabaza and plantains and it is called sancocho.

Put a whole chicken, skin removed, into the pot, put in lots of herbs, (thyme, sage, cylantro and rosemary are my choice), cubed carrots, and can of tomatos, diced celery, and sliced spanish onion, a peeled potato, along with a whole package of Goya of "Viandas para Sancocho" which includes the items above and a few more -except the calabaza (I think it is pumpkin) Simmer in croc pot for 6 hours, add the calabaza and two chicken boullions toward the last hour. Remove the chicken, and the large roots (yuca, potato and boniato) . Use immersion blender to finish melding all the other ingredients. Very complex but rich flavors. Boil some fideo or short pastina to use with the resulting soup and serve!

Otherwise look up a sancocho recipe online. Very hearty and wonderful flavors.
babytiger February 19, 2012
Ribs are really easy. Just put that in with sauce of your choice. I like an Asian type bbq sauce with hoisin, soy, sugar, and maybe a little vinegar. I usually add some sliced onion and garlic to it. Sometimes, I open a can of pineapple and add that in along with some of the juice.
Bek February 19, 2012
Thank you both! These are the exact kind of answers I need. Asian style is always good for my household, as I always have soy sauce and vinegar. Love tuna casserole because of the price, and it's quite tasty. Any cheap, few ingredient slow cooker recipes for ribs? I love casseroles and crock pot meals because you can combine meat and veg or meat and potatoes. For a person who works all day that is key.
babytiger February 18, 2012
Tuna casserole is always good and cheap.

As for crockpot, you can use a lot of inexpensive cuts of meat. Anything for pork shoulder to country ribs to chicken thighs. Same with vegetables (onion, carrot, celery, etc.). And then pick a sauce you like, such as BBQ, Asian inspired (hoisin, teriyaki, soy sauce based, etc.) or tomato based sauce. Just let that cook and you can serve it over rice, pasta, on bread, etc.
Nina T. February 18, 2012
Real simple magazine's website has a good recipe for Asian style pork with Bok choy.
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