I'm looking for really good crock-pot recipes

I would like to have some more crock-pot recipes, as this is a favorite and easy way to prepare meals. Any recipes welcome, both with meat and vegetarian. Thanks!!



Bevi March 23, 2011
The famous Chicken Marbella recipe from the Silver Palate translates really well into a crock pot recipe. My god daughter makes its all the time and she simply throws everything into the pot and lets it cook all day.
student E. March 23, 2011
P.S. Yes, HelloKitchen has got it -- so many recipes can be adapted. One trick I've found to reduce the liquid is to leave the lid off for 2-3 hours at the end of cooking. You can also always reduce the sauce on the stove after too.
student E. March 23, 2011
Oh, so many wonderful options! I love my crock pot =)

I just made this recipe:
Double the mushrooms and place into your crockpot for 6 hours (if the sauce is not reduced enough, just reduce on your stove top).

I also made this wonderful recipe in my crock pot:


Again cooking on high for 6+ hours (last three with top off). Adding the mushrooms about an hour before you finish cooking helps.
Helen's A. March 23, 2011
Just about any stew or braised dish can be adapted to a crock pot. Brown the meat and vegetables as your favorite recipe indicates then put with the liquid into the crock pot and cover. Bring to a simmer on high, then turn down to low and simmer until desired doneness. There are lots of great recipe sites on line that give more precise directions.
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