Meals ideas for large groups?

I am looking for ideas of meals that are easy to serve to a large group of people (potluck style) and that will also hold up for a couple of hours at room temp (or in a crock-pot). Any suggestions?



petitbleu January 17, 2012
I always like the ease of a large cut of meat like pork butt (hey, I'm southern--when is barbecue not a good idea for a party?). Of course, you have to cook it a long time, but there's really not that much fuss involved, and with a couple simple sides like a big salad or slaw, you're good to go. Leftovers also happen to be fabulous.
LornaFarris January 17, 2012
These ideas all sound yummy! Thanks for the help...
Camebert January 16, 2012
Black bean soup with garnishes like avacado, cilantro, shredded cheese, avacado and tortilla chips.
SKK January 16, 2012
I would definitely not have meat or fish at room temperature for a couple of hours. A kale salad would be good

Another favorite option is and Hillarybee's

Both these dishes would compliment Sam's recommendation.

Sam1148 January 16, 2012
Oh yes SKK!! A quiche can be quickly made and stored and served at room temp and sliced into small portions for crowd for potluck. A very nice idea there.
Sam1148 January 16, 2012
Brown and Wild Rice Mandarin Orange Salad.

vegan, gluten free, and keeps very well...serve at room temp, and is better if made the night before serving. Just be sure to cover it well so the rice doesn't dry out. Save a bit of dressing to moisten it up in the morning.
gt9 January 16, 2012
lasagna works well.
CDebi January 16, 2012
Sweet & Sour Meatballs - can use turkey & ground beef; Mix Equal parts ketchup & ginger ale. Pour into crock pot add meatballs 1/2 way cooked in oven .
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