The Vodka Pie Crust recipe- Substitutions?

Has anyone successfully made the Alt vodka pastry recipe using another alcohol? and whole wheat pastry flour? I want to make a part whole wheat crust for a zucchini quiche and I have only flavored vodkas- orange, raspberry.thx much!


LeBec Fin


LeBec F. February 19, 2012
I forgot to say.....
LeBec F. February 19, 2012
I used 50% whole wheat pastry flour and 50% AP white flour, butter, crisco, 1/4 c.cilantro infused vodka and 3 T. ice water. don't like it. sandy texture. and there's some odd flavor- must be the cilantro(it's been steeping in the frig for months. prob not a good thing...).

and i thought i was so smart rolling it out between parchment sheets. It stuck to it! i didn't know anything would stick to parchment paper. boy am i dumb. and get this, when it started to stick to the parchment, i had been folding it into quarters. so i put it like that into the frzr a few minutes... and when i went to unfold it, not only were the folds stuck together but where it was folded it CRACKED so i had 4 separate quarters to smush together at the seams.... and when i went to prebake it w/ parchment and beans- it came out with the seams parted!!!!!

so THEN i brushed it w/ egg glaze to seal all the holes and parted seams. BUGGER!! as say the Brits.

If whole wheat pastry flour was the cause of all this, then the real problem is that i don't WANT a white flour pastry crust on anything.

the one good thing is that i like my zucchini sour cream parm filling for this quiche.
hardlikearmour February 19, 2012
hardlikearmour February 19, 2012
Any high-proof alcohol will work. I suspect most of the orange flavor will dissipate in the cooking process. Do report back with your results. Whole wheat flour tends to suck up more moisture than all-purpose flour, so you may need to use a bit more liquid.
Bevi February 19, 2012
I think this is a genius recipe - I would love to know how permutations work out!
rosalind5 February 19, 2012
I'm curious too what happens to the pastry if you make it with a flavoured vodka (I also would vote for orange over raspberry) because this recipe absolutely rocks. I discovered it over Christmas and it made rolling out the pie dough so very much easier, it was a revelation.
lloreen February 18, 2012
Yikes...I am not qualified to speak but I would say that whole wheat flour should be fine. I don't see why not. Go for the orange vodka and report back. Orange and zucchini are pretty good together. Who knows...maybe it will be an incredible taste and you can post your amazing Orange Vodka Pie Crust recipe?
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