flour for pie crust

I'm making a pie crust that calls for 3/4c AP flour and 1/4c whole wheat flour. Do you think I'll be okay using all AP?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • May 12, 2012


Sam1148 May 12, 2012
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ATG117 May 12, 2012
Thanks all and to boulangere for your tip. I was wondering about the liquid to flour ratio

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Sam1148 May 12, 2012
For pie crust..don't go by ratio..except as a starting point. There are way too many factors involved (humidity, the softness of the flour, the type of ap flour..etc..etc.)

Go by feel and texture...making a crumblike mix at firs; cutting in the fat and then adding moisture just until it comes togethe and it should look rugged at that pointr; with resting the dough in the fridge which will make it smoother and more 'rollable' for the second working when you use a roll it out...then to avoid the crust shrinking...put the pan back in the fridge for 1/2 or so before pre-baking the crust. (if your doing that).

Also, if you have vodka on hand...mix up 1/2 of vodka to 1/2 of water and put that in the freezer first--this will lower the gluten strands in the dough and let the liquid get 'supercold' without introducing ice crystals to the dough.
Rachel S. May 21, 2012
I've never tried adding vodka before! How does it affect the flavor?
boulangere May 12, 2012
By all means. You might want to use a couple of tablespoons more, because WW flour is going to absorb more water than straight AP.
Benny May 12, 2012
Yes. You can use all AP flour.
Rachel S. May 12, 2012
Yes. You'll just miss the nuttiness of the wheat flour as far as flavor goes. Texture-wise, AP flour has less gluten than whole wheat, so in fact it's more ideal for something delicate and tender like a pie or tart crust
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