My pizza dough didn't rise! Anyway to fix it?

The recipe called for white wine to be added to the yeast and warm water. The wine I added was chilled.

  • Posted by: Dalice
  • February 21, 2012


boulangere February 21, 2012
Cold won't kill yeast, it simply slows it down. And I have a feeling that the amount of white wine (odd ingredient, to me) likely wasn't enough to put it to sleep. Forgive me for asking the obvious: you did remember to add yeast in the first place, and added it appropriately, right? If active dry, you re-activated it in warm water? I suspect it needs more time to proof. Good pizza dough typically contain a small amount of yeast, and therefore require a while to rise.
gumgum5 February 21, 2012
I dont think so, once yeast is dead, its dead. But this happened to us once and I didnt want to throw it away, so I rolled pieces out, brushed it with olive oil, put some herbs on top and baked it on a hot pizza stone. It was so delicous and was the best kitchen accident I ever had. May do it again, on purpose this time.
mrslarkin February 21, 2012
Could just be the cold wine. Can you give it a little more rising time? Place bowl in a warm spot - heat a cup of water in microwave, then place bowl of dough in there with the cup of water and with door shut. Just don't turn the microwave on. ;)
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