What foods are good pickled

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SKK February 24, 2012
Meat also can be pickled. Has been for centuries.
SKK February 24, 2012
Eggs can be pickled. Can't think of what cannot be. Milk, butter?
Maedl February 24, 2012
If you are looking for ideas, check some Turkish, Moroccan and other Middle Eastern cookbooks. Pickled vegetables are a great favorite in those countries and walking through outdoor markets, you see huge displays of all sorts of interesting pickled foods. Think preserved lemons, cabbage, beets, okra, beans, . . . .
SKK February 24, 2012
Anything is great pickled - everything mentioned already and also consider cauliflower, peppers, garlic, cherries, ginger...the list is endless.

Cookie16 February 24, 2012
Brussels spouts, aka Frog Balls! Pickle them as you would spicy pickles. They make for some amazing Bloody Marys, or are great on their own!
Mr_Vittles February 24, 2012
Don't forget fruits!!! As they can be awesome!!! Pickled peaches (when in season), pears, and even strawberries (think balsamic vinegar) can be pickled. Peaches are my number one recommendation though.
rosalind5 February 24, 2012
Being British, I am very partial to pickled onions.
Amanda H. February 23, 2012
Vegetables like green beans, beets, cucumbers, and green tomatoes.
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