How long does it take a pie to set in the fridge?

I'm trying to make this recipe (Ruby Tandoh's pretzel peanut butter pie): https://www.theguardian...

It looks like the pie needs to be popped in the fridge twice: after the peanut butter filling is poured into the pretzel crust, it should be put into the fridge to "chill" - she later references the melted chocolate should be poured over this "set" filling. Then after spreading the chocolate over the pie, the pie needs to be put in the fridge again to set.

How long does it need to be in the fridge for, each time? I was hoping to make this pie within two hours, but now i fear I need much longer!



la C. March 13, 2017
If you only have 2 hours you should pick a different recipe. It'll take at least that long for the filling to set, and then you'll need more time for the setting of the chocolate on top. It's never worked for me to try to rush the setting of pies; when patient they're tastier.
If you can want something "nutty" try a frangipane tart. I don't have a recipe in mind, but there are a bunch on this site.
Nancy March 13, 2017
Agree with La Chefa.
Also, please forgive if this is in the now-useless category ("closing the stable door after the horse has bolted), but it also pays to read the recipe all the way through when planning to make something.
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