I'd like to know what y'all are having for dinner the night before Thanksgiving. Our tradition is homemade chili or take-out pizza. I'd like to buck tradition, but nothing's coming to me. Ideas, everyone?



innoabrd November 16, 2010
I'm pretty good on the take-away the night before. Just too much else going on in the kitchen to cook anything else!
aargersi November 16, 2010
Or you know, since we will be chopping onions and celery and peppers for the dressing(s) anyhow - something like a creole shrimp might be nice ....
aargersi November 16, 2010
Wine. :-) But seriously ... I will probably make something light and completely different than tDay food - I made pauljoseph's coconut fish last week and it was excellent - that is an option, or maybe some sort of Pho or miso veggie soup. We don't have houseguests to feed so we are lucky in that. Just the MOB on the day of.
Midge November 16, 2010
Thanks betteirene.I thought about asking this exact question. I had planned on chili, but one of my guests can't have tomatoes. So now I'm thinking roasted or grilled fish. Will be interested to hear what others have to say..
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