Re: preserved lemons. Recipe calls for pulp of 1 lemon, but the ones I have are the size of a ping pong ball so not much yield. Is this typic

Just need to know whether I should use more than one...

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Brain H. March 1, 2012
I have used the pulp of my preserved lemons puréed into salad dressing, like in lemony cease salad, and it adds great depth of lemoniness. But I think you could skip it it. It is almost over-the-
top lemony.
Greenstuff February 29, 2012
The size is fine. But funny, recipes generally call for the rind, often discarding what in a fresh lemon would be referred to as the pulp. I don't know your recipe, but I'd probably just add one whole one or the rind of one, cut or mashed up.
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