After a preserved lemon making marathon one cold night last winter, I have ended up with about four quarts -- yes, quarts -- of them. This would just be the year then too, wouldn't it, that my lemon tree would bear non-stop until a few weeks ago (though more are on the way). I think it likes the coffee grounds I feed it regularly. Anyway, apart from the 32 recipes that include preserved lemon or otherwise were included in the results for my search on food52, do you have any good ideas for using this stuff? Thank you! ;o)



Christina W. September 17, 2010
For this year's crop of lemons, try making Lemon Curd. It's a bit putzy but wonderful on everything!
pierino September 17, 2010
Coincidentally just this morning I was reading the new Zingerman's Fall Buyer's Guide and there was a description of a sandwich tunisienne which incorportates preserved lemon, imported olive oil packed tuna and harissa; three of my favorite pantry ingredients. I may have to prepare it this weekend.
pierino September 16, 2010
I'll second the tagine answer. A very good helper in a chicken tagine with couscous.
thirschfeld September 16, 2010
shaker lemon pie, and although I do not like him, Kimball had a great recipe for this on country cooks or whatever they call that show.
ohhelloelle September 16, 2010
If you have some not - yet preserved lemons...what about a lemon marmalade? I like to eat it on toast or in yogurt.
aargersi September 16, 2010
1) mail them to me. No? OK 2) tagine chicken with artichokes and preserved lemons and smoked sweet paprika, I make that a lot and it rocks ... also good on tagine lamb. And now I am thinking hmm ... wouldn't they be good as a little tart salty component in a chutney or a relish? Can on my friend! BTW do you just fridge yours or did you can them? My sad little tree has all of 12 meyer lemons on it.
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