How do u make hot boiled peanuts and Cajun flavored HBP?

  • Posted by: k8e
  • March 1, 2012


Sam1148 March 1, 2012
I'm not sure about HBP (high blood pressure? if so boiled peanuts might that great with their high salt).

But boiling green peanuts with a cajun seasoning. Like a liquid based crab boil. Zatarain's is the preferred brand. (the liquid is used for peanuts, while the spice bag is much better for seafoods)
And you should use 'green peanuts' raw peanuts in the shell that have been dried can take hours, like 24 hours, of simmering to season and soften. Green peanuts are first harvest and have a soft non-dried shell. and take 3-4 hour to boil/simmer with seasonings.
k8e March 1, 2012
Where can I find green peanuts on NYC? Do I need to use a crockpot or is regular ok? HBP=hot boiled peanuts
Sam1148 March 1, 2012
You'd have to use raw in the shell peanuts. Probably dried for NYC sources. Which would mean a long day or so simmer in the crock pot if using dried unseasoned peanuts. "nutsonline" should have raw dried peanuts.
I'm not sure about their green peanuts sources (if any) as they'd have to be shipped 'fresh'. Which might be costly for shipping.

Alternatively, for a good green peanut substitute. Edamame, the type in the shell, is great and available frozen in bags at supermarkets. The boiling time is much shorter..just 20 mins or less. With the Cajun seasonings/salt and let them cool in the boiling water.
Like the peanuts you don't eat the shell for those.
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