Can anything be made from the water left after making boiled peanuts?

I made boiled peanuts today and tasted the leftover water. It is yummy! Salty and peanut-y. Can anything be made from it? Maybe a soup or sauce? I stuck it in the fridge to save for later. Any ideas appreciated.



Tedward79 May 28, 2023
I frequently boil peanuts and throw the brine out when finished. Well I just got my first request for a jar of just the brine. Hey, maybe it’s the next new thing.
Rachelwrites July 10, 2015
Thanks for the input. I ended up making a soup: equal parts chicken stock and "peanut water" with sweet potatoes, a little red chili powder, red onion and garlic stems. It was yummy!
cookbookchick July 4, 2015
It was many years ago, but it was a cream of peanut butter soup. Try this one, maybe:
cookbookchick July 4, 2015
Base for peanut butter soup? We used to get that at a local restaurant in Maryland, complete with popcorn croutons, their specialty. Or perhaps for Asian soups or sauces? Other cooks here will certainly be able to weigh in on Asian preparations better than I can.
cookbookchick July 4, 2015
Also African cuisines use a lot of peanuts. Google and see what you get!
Rachelwrites July 4, 2015
Do you remember what was in the peanut butter soup?
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