How do you make seafood gumbo

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WannabeBaker March 3, 2012
I would highly suggest using Alton Brown's recipe for gumbo. You bake the roux instead of stirring it on the stove top - takes longer, but it doesn't burn (which is a very real chance on the stove) and you don't have to tend to it the whole time. Otherwise, it's then a simple process of sauteeing your veggies with the roux, then pouring in your stock, tomatoes and anything else you want and let it cook for a bit. Add in your seafood at the end.
drbabs March 2, 2012
There are 8 gumbo recipes here on Food52. Here they are:
hardlikearmour March 2, 2012
Gumbo is a roux-based soup. Typically it uses the "trinity" of onion, bell pepper, and celery for it's mirepoix. Some sort of stock for it's liquid. Then whatever protein you'd like. Seasoned with cajun or creole seasoning. Served on rice. I recommend perusing Chuck Taggart's Gumbo Pages for detailed recipes.
lloreen March 2, 2012
seriously?? I cry foul. Why are you posting 3 simple questions about different topics in an hour...and why does your profile link to the Whole Foods Company instead of information about a specific home cook. If I am wrong, I am sorry, but I really think that you are the Whole Foods Co. marketing department and I am not sure what you want here or why.
Sam1148 March 2, 2012
lloreen: food52 partnered with Whole Foods in select locations to set up Kiosks and have a website where customers can ask questions to food52.
I might be sketchy on the details of how that works.
But multiple customers can ask questions here, all with the screen name of a While Foods Market Customer. So, it doesn't have to be same individual posting under that screen name.
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