what i make with ia seafood buffet

hi am throwing a big meal of seafood but i know everyone doesn't like seafood what can i make with it



MMH November 14, 2017
If you haven't decided on all of your entrees or dishes, I have 2 ideas. 1st you could do a low country boil with shell fish, veggies and sausage. Your guests could pick and choose. You could also do a raw bar if you have fresh access to those things and add in some non seafood items.
amysarah November 13, 2017
For a non-seafood addition, I'd probably do a whole beef tenderloin or two - simple, quick prep, can be served room temp... can even share a side sauce with some simply prepared poached, steamed or roast seafood (sour cream or yogurt, with horseradish, chives, a little dijon, etc.) And for the seafood eaters - surf and turf!

But if you prefer a vegetarian option, I'd suggest a baked pasta - for a seasonal version, maybe butternut squash lasagna with sage (made with bechamel, mozz, parm.) Make ahead too.
Nancy November 13, 2017
Bear in mind that twice as many Americans have a (serious or life-threatening) allergy to seafood as do to peanuts.
If your big meal is for a crowd of 25, at least 1 person you want there for social reasons may not be able to safely eat your dinner.
Maybe ask about allergies when you invite, and consider having an alternate for those few people who cannot eat seafood, even if they know that is the dinner plan.
ChefJune November 13, 2017
Since you are doing it as a buffet, I'd suggest a couple of pasta dishes and/or salads that either don't have any seafood in them, or have it on the side as an optional add-on. That way there will be seafoodless options with minimum stress for you, the hostess and cook.
If your guests know it's a seafood buffet, I don't think they'll be expecting beef or chicken.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 13, 2017
I don't eat seafood and would love to have beef or chicken.
HalfPint November 13, 2017
I would add either a roast chicken or roast beef.
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